Crock Bolt-on Pet Food Water Bowl-NEON YELLOW

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  • Heavy-duty, made of strong ASB Material, 
  • Durable, perfect for daily use
  • Available in 3 sizes 8oz Small, 16oz Medium & 28oz Large
  • Tip resistant Bolts on securely to most cages
  • Colorful, Available in many bright neon colors to match cage décor
  • Dishwasher safe plastic crocks for health of your pet

Heavy-duty plastic crocks attach securely to your pet dog, cat, ferrets or birds cage and won't twist, turn, or tip - simply attach and tighten the bolt-lock. A great choice for the pets who likes to tip water dishes over or for providing your pet food and water in their travel cage. Dishwasher safe feeding crocks in bright neon colors so you can easily view match any cage décor.
Bolt on Crock bowl perfect for long term use, strong, durable bright attractive colors.
Small 8oz - 3" opening
Medium 10oz - 4" opening
Large 28oz - 5" opening

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