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Grated, Elevated Kennel Floor - Stay Dry Rubber Mat

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3.00 LBS

Grated Rubber Floor mats to keep your pets dry and comfortable.  Durable, Long Lasting and easily washable. We recommend a breathable pad below the mat to absorb. The grated floor mat will protect the absorbent pad from dogs who dig or tear, so it can absorb and lock wetness away from your pet.


Adds comfort and cushion to hard plastic dog crates/kennels

Made in Germany

Custom cut in house to fit standard Sky and Vari kennels

Durable and strong




SMALL kennel 100 - 17" x 12" floor

MEDIUM kennel 200 - 22" x 15.5" floor

INTERMEDIATE kennel 300 - 25" x 16" floor

LARGE kennel 400 - 29.5" x 18.8" floor

XLARGE kennel 500 - 32.5" x 20" floor

GIANT kennel 700 - 38" x 24" floor



Note: the product is made with  rubber and may smell like new rubber. The rubber scent will dissipate with time. If this is bothersome, it is recommended you allow the mat to air outside for a few days.


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