Modified and Custom Built Airline Kennels Crates Information

Modified and Custom Built Airline Kennels Crates Information

Posted by PetOnAirPlanes on 12th Mar 2022

Below find tips and information on Custom built or modified airline kennels & crates.

Over Sized Pets

One option for extra large dogs, like Great Danes or Mastiffs is to purchase a custom built wood airline dog crate or have a Giant size Sky or Vari kennel modified with spacers to accommodate over sized pets. Another option is to build a custom sized dog crate yourself or convert a standard wood shipping crate into a dog airline crate.


Some Kennels lacked ventilation in back wall, easily modified by drilling holes with a power drill using a wood bore bit and tape measure. This is especially important for international flights where ventilation on all four sides of the pet kennel is mandatory.

Plastic Pegs

Replace all Plastic Pegs with SOLID METAL NUTs & BOLTs to create a completely IATA USDA FAA Airline Compliant carrier / kennel.

Plastic Snap Latches

Another tip sent in by a truly "handy" DryFur Client. "I found the bolts to be perfect length as I Countersunk the nut by drilling larger hole on top portion and smaller hole on bottom portion of carrier.

IMPORTANT: I started by drilling small hole through the two halves while carrier was assembled. Then I disassembled the carrier by separating the carriers top and bottom and re-drilled larger hole in JUST the top portion. Worked perfect and very SECURE!" Thanks and please feel free to use photos and tip on site. Dan

Cable Tie holes for Securing Kennel Door

If your Kennel is older or does not have these holes for cable ties you can easily modify by drilling your own holes (slightly behind all four sides of the door) or some kennels have enough room to slip the cable ties through the existing hinge holes. Delta Airline will accept snap latches if they have been modified as in the above example.

For Great Article on how to modify a pet carrier for small animals, Rodents or Sugar Glidders Visit International Pet Glider site

Might also be helpful for traveling pet owners worried about paws sticking out of carrier doors.

Too Few Holes for Attachments

If your Kennel is older it may only have 6 attachment holes for keeping the kennels top and bottom together. If this is the case we recommend you drill additional hardware holes especially towards the right and left front corners of the kennel. This way if an attachment fails or comes loose next to the door there is a backup. The two attachments next to the right and left side of the door are not only responsible for keeping the kennels top and bottom together but also have a secondary function of keep the door in place. One missing attachment next to the door can be detrimental to the integrity of the kennels structure.