Airline Pet Carrier Bags,  Safety Features - Details

Airline Pet Carrier Bags, Safety Features - Details

Posted by PetOnAirPlanes on 14th Mar 2022

Getting ready to shop for a new Airline Pet Carrier Bag for your in cabin airline traveling pet Dog or Cat? Then you might want to read our latest post detailing what new safety features are available and how exactly they work to keep your airline traveling pets safer. In this post we will examine some of the NEWEST State of the Art Pet Airline Carriers Features in Detail.

  • Locking Zipper Closures: Small clasps on airline pet carrier bags that keep zipper pulls together thus keeping the zipper door closed while pet is inside. These clasp create a pet proof lock NOT a people proof lock. This keeps pets locked in and still allows easy access to the pet without requiring any special tools or keys. Some carriers come with these clips and some even have thread holes built in the zipper pulls to accommodate these clips.


If the carrier zipper does not have the thread holes you can still use a clasps to secure the zipper by threading it though the two holes in the zipper pulls. Note: the zipper pulls normally have two holes if possible use the holes closest to the zipper itself for a tighter seal.

  • Tether leads - Security Leash: Small leash with hook inside the pet carrier bags for attaching to pets collar to keep pet secure inside the pet carrier when leaving the carrier open. This feature should never be used when traveling or relocating as pets can spook and drag the carrier with them but might come in handy for small calm dogs who are seasoned travelers and used to traveling in their carrier.

  • Luggage Strap-Slot: Replaces the need for purchasing an airline pet carrier bag with wheels. These slots are for threading over telescoping handles on upright wheeled trolley luggage. This feature helps pet owners get from gate to gate easily with pet in tow. Some pet carriers have these actual feature built into the carrier others may have a simple strap on the outside of the carrier while others recommend you shorten and then use the existing shoulder strap which will work but may not be nearly as secure if the pet shifts about.

  • Seat belt secure loops: This feature is used to secure the airline pet carrier in the seat of a auto. How many of us have had to make a sudden stop and the first thing you do is put your arm up in front of the pets carrier in the opposite seat. This feature can help you pay attention to the road and feel secure the carrier will stay put. To use you simply thread the seat belt strap through the loops and snap the seat belt closed. It is designed to keep the carrier stable in the event of a sudden stop or accident. For pets who travel long distances in cars this is a great safety feature. It does not do much for airline traveling pets as FAA regulations require pets traveling in cabin must stay under the seat in front of you at all times.

  • Top - Mesh screen Window: This feature is a nice touch for pets traveling on airlines. It gives pets extra ventilation and owners a view of their pet through the top of the carrier while the pet is stowed under the seat in front of them. Some airline pet carrier bags have solid mesh tops while others have the option of mesh or a flap of material that can be zipped over the mesh to provide privacy or warmth.

  • Dual Doors on Each End: Provide the option to enter and exit on either end of carrier so pet does not have to turn around in order to walk out of the carrier. Dual doors pet carriers make it very easy for pets to get in and out of the pet carrier. This feature is especially important for dogs. Dogs are not normally as limber as cats. Cats can turn very easily to exit the same end they entered. Dogs on the other hand find this move difficult especially as they get older. Dachshunds and other short-legged, long-bodied breeds will find this a feature very beneficial.

  • Wheels: Pet Carriers with wheels are convenient for going to and from the airport and to and from gates, but they do have some disadvantages. Many pet carriers with wheels have measurements that are about 2" higher than pet carriers without wheels. Most airlines already have such strict requirement on in cabin pet carrier size that 2" can sometimes be the difference of being accepted and being refused. And then there is the issue with trying to secure the carrier from rolling once under the seat in the airplane. But if your are certain the airline can still accommodate your wheeled pet carrier the benefit might outweigh any possible issues.

  • Privacy Flaps: Flaps of solid cloth that unroll and velcro or zip over mesh windows. These are perfect for balancing ventilation, sun light, shade, view for you and the pet, warmth and privacy. Privacy is especially important to cats. Cats find comfort in being hidden when scared or stressed. Once a cat feels they can't be seen like when the carrier windows are covered and shaded they will be able to relax and feel safe.

  • Flexible Height: This feature is pretty standard in soft pet carriers, although some are more flexible than others and some but not all will pop back to normal after flexing. This feature is important and handy it makes it possible to fit your pet carrier under the airplane seat of many different planes and during plane changes to airlines that seat clearance may differ slightly.