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Travel Leash & Harness

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Must measure pet and refer to size chart.

Take the hassle out of In-Cabin Pet Travel and you and your pet can FLY through Security Check Points in a Single Bound with our NEW TSA Fast Pass Leash, Harness and ID Tags. Our Fast Pass Harness features a Step-in Vest design making it the easiest harness to put on and take off your dog or cat. Guaranteed to not set off metal detectors, making pat downs and private screening rooms unnecessary. Available in Black Mesh

For extremely difficult frightened cats we recommend our NEW TSA Fast Pass HOLD M TIGHT Harness.  It is also metal free and comes in Cool Bright Colors.


  • Super Fast Hassle Free Airport Inspectionsdog-tsa.jpg
  • Guaranteed not to trigger alarms
  • No invasive pat downs
  • No Hand Wand Scanning
  • No Private Screening Rooms
  • Calms Pets
  • Safer than strap Harness


  • Easy Step-in Design
  • Fits Cats & Dogs
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Soft yet Durable
  • Velcro + plastic buckle enclosure
  • Plastic D Rings
  • Each set comes with Harness, Leash and ID tag
  • Award Winning Design

PLEASE NOTE: This item is not returnable for refund if the item is opened, soiled and/or has been worn or tried on by your pet. If item has been used it can only be returned for exchange in size (no charge - hassle free size exchange) or replacement if the item is damaged or defective. We do not accept returns if you are unable to train your cat to accept the Harness. So if you are traveling soon and do not have time to harness train your Cat you may want to check out our TSA FAST PASS® Leash & Collar.  It is also designed not to trigger any alarms during your TSA airport inspection. Most cats take to them immediately.


Airport Inspections without TSA Fast Passkitty-in-metal-detect2.jpg

TSA screenings are becoming more and more invasive making pet travel a real hassle. The inspection process consist of removing your pet dog or cat from their soft carrier bag and walking them through the metal detectors, while the carrier goes through the x-ray machine. Current laws and TSA official require your pet to be on a leash and harness which often sets off the metal detectors causing traveling pet owners to be subjected to an even more invasive screening process. This can mean pat downs, hand wands or private screening rooms. Get the TSA Fast Pass® Leash & Harness and your pet will make it through the TSA inspection in a single bound, making pet airline travel hassle free.





SIZE CHARTcat-harness-measure.gif



  • Chest: 11"- 13" (Most Important)
  • Neck: up to 9"
  • Harness Length: 6"


  • Chest: 14" - 16" (Most Important)
  • Neck: up to 11"
  • Harness Length: 6"


  •  Chest: 16.5" - 18.5" (Most Important)
  • Neck: up to 12"
  • Harness Length: 7"


  • Chest: 19" - 20" (Most Important)
  • Neck: up to 14"
  • Harness Length: 8"










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  • 5
    Best and most comfortable harness for cat or dog.

    Posted by Gail Bunch on 8th Mar 2015

    We will be traveling across the country by car with our cat who doesn't like the confines of the car at all even though we give him free roaming. I bought several different types of harnesses so that we could tether him in the car so he couldn't dart out when the door was opened. Upon trying all the different ones on him this one by far was the best and most comfortable. I highly recommend this product.

  • 4
    It will work

    Posted by Sheila on 1st Mar 2015

    We are traveling by air across the country with my son's cat and purchased this harness to get through the security line. With the Velcro closure, the harness fits the cat securely, she cannot escape. I love the fact that there is no metal in the harness or leash, since I've read that cats freak out when they are wanded at security. The harness is cut a bit high around the neck.

  • 5
    Useful Harness!

    Posted by Jillian McSweeney on 22nd Jan 2015

    The harnesses have been heaven-sent for us traveling to our new home, around the world. I felt they kept my cats safer and made moving them through security, much easier.

  • 5
    Easy to get on

    Posted by Lauri on 12th Dec 2014

    I travel with show persians. Some are a little nervious, so I have this just in case. Very easy to get on & does not pull hair like others might.

  • 5
    Excellent harness

    Posted by Angelese on 29th Nov 2014

    The harness is form fitting yet comfortable for the dogs as it is made with fabric that flexes and moves with the dogs. Incredibly easy to put on and take off. Fits the dogs extremely well, including a very barrel chested (hard to fit) Boston Terrier. Have gone through more types of harnesses than I can keep count of -- this is the best I've ever come across. Will be using this for more than just airplane travel!

  • 5
    Cat likes it !

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Nov 2014

    Perfect fit. Simple to put on. Apparently comfortable on a cat who does not tolerate collars. Cat adapted to it within an hour and does not object to donning or wearing it. So far, unable to slip out of it while restrained. During short trip with travel trailer, wore the jacket for three days with only night-time breaks.

  • 4

    Posted by Brian on 11th Aug 2014

    I wanted this to be a walking harness.I did all the measurements and I ordered a large.I tried it on the cat his chest was larger than what the recommended size called for plus the length didn't allow his front legs room to walk,so he just stood there,plus he slipped out of it with no effort. Sorry it didn't work out.The harness is well made,but I was disappointed in the fit.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Lucia on 8th Aug 2014

    I bought this harness for my cat because I had to fly from San Franscisco to Spain with a connection in Paris, so we had to go through security twice. He behaved very well but anyway the harness made me feel confident about my cat wasn't able to run away in case he got scared in the screening.

    The product is well done, the shipping was very fast and the costumer service was very kind.

  • 4
    Product as advertised

    Posted by Michael on 9th Jun 2014

    Good web site, easy to use. Notified when shipped, which was in less than 24 hours. Package arrived in very short order. Good experience. Would order from them again and recommend to others.

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