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Pet Passport Pouch with a Single Set of Live Animal Labels / Shippers Declaration & Feed Water Instruction, Ours sets includes bonus Kennel Tag instructing Airline Cargo Personnel to Alert Captain Live Animals are aboard so extra care will be taken. OUR Supreme Waterproof Zipper Storage POUCH for storing and attaching your PETs VET, HEALTH, IMPORT, PASSPORT & TRAVEL DOCUMENTs

XL to hold pages and pages of IMPORTANT paperwork and will keep them securely stored and perfectly DRY.  Install the pouch to your kennel by threading onto one of the kennels bolts then hold in place by re-threading the thumbnut onto the bolt to secure it tightly. Papers can then be inserted and removed without removing the pouch from the kennel. Transparent as required by airlines for easier faster airline security inspection process.

X THICK with Zipper closure located below top where pouch attaches, allows easy access to documents without removing from Kennel.

Live Animal Labels Set FEATURES:

  • "Live Animal" Labels are made with water proof poly material - 3" x 5" Labels
  • REFLECTIVE and easily seen
  • Strong adhesive that adheres to all surfaces including plastic
  • Shippers declaration is paper material can be filled in with pen or pencil - 6.5"  x 4.5" Labels
  • Plastic Kennel Name Tag
  • Made in the USA

Pet Passport Pouch FEATURES:

  • Exterior Measurement: 11.50" x 7"pet-passport-pouch5.jpg
  • Interior measurement: 9" x 6.75"
  • Weight: 10ML
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Transparent -  Back is colored film while the Front is perfectly Clear & See through
  • Waterproof - Keeping your important documents Dry
  • Metal Grommet - for extra security


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