Self LOCKING - Pet Carrier Metal Fasteners - 20PK -DOSKOCIL Replacement Nuts Bolts

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OUR MOST SECURE PET CARRIER METAL FASTENER KITS INCLUDES: 20 Self locking serrated knurled nuts with your choice of bolt length.

FEATURING our NEW IMPROVED Knurled thumb nuts with one of a kind serrated edges to help LOCK the thumb Nuts securely in place when traveling with your pets for added safety and security. Package includes 20 Thumb Nuts and 20 Square neck carriage bolts available in (SHORT 7/8 inch, MEDIUM 1-1/4 inch or LONG 1-3/4 inch)   These are perfect for replacing the old fashion Doskocil fasteners used on the Original SKY Kennels, but will equally fit on most pet carriers made by Petmate. 

Our Unique thumb nuts have a Serrated Non Spinning Washer built into the face of the nut. Angled serrations allow the nuts to securely fasten and stay tight when vibration is present. This is extremely important for keeping pets safe and secure while traveling on airlines.

  • self locking Metal Nuts for airline approved Travel Kennels and Carriers
  • 20 Steel Bolts and 20 Metal Nuts for securing Kennels Crates before travel
  • Unique Serrated edges on our thumb nuts keep nuts LOCKED
  • Airline Required, Airline Approved
  • Replaces missing nuts bolts screws for most pet carriers
  • Must measure for bolt-screw length requirement

***A serrated nut is a locknut with ridges on the face of the nut that bite into the surface it is tightened against. The serrations are angled such that they keep the nut from rotating in the direction that would loosen the nut









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