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Universal Absorbent Travel Pad WHITE 2pk

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XL Universal Absorbent Kennel / Crate Floor Liner - 2pk

XL Measures 22" X 33" Can Be folded to fit any Carrier / Kennel / Crate / Cage



Absorbs and quickly wick wetness away

Made with extra strong material to resist tearing and clawing

Hand washable and reusable (must be hand washed in sink with mild dish soap)

  • 5
    Excellent absorbency and soft/cushy

    Posted by CatVeeh on 14th May 2015

    Traveling long way overseas to Germany with doggy daughter in 500 series kennel. DryFur pads don't come in that size. Dry Fur recommended making a pillow case out of blue breathable ones. My wonderful sister made two pillow cases - one for each leg of the trip. We put her crate bed in the "pillow case" and also added these kennel sized white absorbent travel pad between the bed and pillow case. (Packed the 2nd set to change out at layover.) LOVED THEM. It didn't keep things completely dry but my girl was dry, and it was easy to change out the bedding and prepare for the next flight. I will say the blue travel pads would not do much on their own for a larger animal or long flight. But they did make a good barrier. But these white absorbent pads were absorbent, and also soft. Not as thick though as they look in the advertisement/picture though. In addition, I actually ordered them in the smaller size to wrap around the DryFur pads in my cats' crates (as the DryFur pads are excellent but a little stiff).

  • 5
    Holy Cow!

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Feb 2015

    I have a water hog (cat) in my house. Not only does he drink a lot, but he spills to the tune of about a pint a day on the floor. Towels mold, rubber mats overflow, it's a cleaning nightmare. I bought these for another purpose (travel carriers), but had an extra. This I folded in half and put under the water dishes just to see. I'm astounded. Not only is my floor STILL dry a week later (yes, I still have to refill the dishes every day), but the dishes aren't even sticking to the pads. I'm SO impressed I haven't the words! Ordering more!

  • 4
    Great crate and training pads

    Posted by Robin Piane on 18th Feb 2014

    I've used these pads for shipping our dogs on the airline and a couple of years ago, started using them on top of standard training pads, too. We have one dog on diuretics and one whose bladder must be the size of a dime. They both have to relieve themselves overnight. These pads make a much better "training pad" area when used on top of the disposable ones and can be washed, too. They last much longer than you'd expect, even with washing, too. Great product.

  • 5
    great product

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jan 2013

    These are thick pads that work well.

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